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Hey! This is not a review, this is me telling you that if you like this, forkheads is still out there making games. The link is broken though, the proper link is f o r k h e a d s . n e t
We also have a discord server, go ask in the forums.

This.. I suppose, is a really great game.
I say I suppose, because it has shitty art, is not really all that fappable in the first place(in the future, replace the one pose for everything method with multiple camera poses for many different sexual positions and actions), has a disorienting layout, loses the interesting debt based aspect of difficulty quickly, lags hardcore, sex acts are too slow, and the whole thing looks as shodilly put together as my very own sex kitten games.

That being said, I spent at least 4 hours on it just now and bought almost fucking everything(dont care to retry for the other endings, yet, either.) and am now making 30000 bahts a day. I plan on gettng max stock with super pussy and I really hope you coded in something to happen when I do.
I was completely enraptured in thi game and it might have something to do with my weakness for sex-based rpgs(slave-maker, I'm looking at you, beautiful masterpiece that introduced me to this type of shit(which by the way, if you liked this game, check slave maker out, its one of the best of the best in this genre of whatever the fuck)
I just really liked the aspect of going doing prostitue stuff in an rpg I suppose.

So even though I find many many flaws in this game. I honestly enjoyed alot it for a very long time

SlingBang responds:

um, thanks... I think?


Absolutely brilliant, The only time I had more fun was when I was with a Pakistani in the vatican next to an ACME store.

Yomuchan responds:

Huh? That's where you said you'd be direc...


For being done in 6 days like it was, This is amazing

I couldn't help it! those pringles were amazing!

In mexico, EVERYTHING has bad Jpeg artifacts in it, trust me, I've been there

Ok, I know that this game is a "meet and fuck", but newgrounds reviews are NOT the place for dating, seriously

Great collaboration

i actually found this one because of the fake one, this makes alot more sense, im not on the bbs alot but i agree about the-great-one

Manly-Chicken responds:

Thanks. The other one was pretty fake.

fuck fucking fucking fuck

loved it

Definately a great game

but.. "this little stickman punches in above his wimpy weight"? what does that have to do with this game... that front page thing was lame, so 9/10

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