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Mindfuck coming your way

Posted by AnimeFuckHead - July 10th, 2013

My first directed project, Sex Kitten RPG2: Mindfuck, is currently in bugtesting and ideatesting beta at the development forums in forkheads, fucking happy I am

Check it out here and give feed back and point out bugs

And for your entertainment purposes
g0d (1:06:09 AM): And how many key's came with the wagon, no, not the one for the cheese, the one for the samoan!
g0d (1:06:10 AM): ahem
g0d (1:06:12 AM): hello
riv (1:06:43 AM): 42?
riv (1:06:47 AM): Bonjourno.
g0d (1:07:30 AM): No, the answer is 48, you were 6 numbers away. so you now must take 6 lashes from this stalk of wheat!
riv (1:07:50 AM): But, oh! Grand Maester, won't that hurt?!
g0d (1:08:46 AM): I don't know! I've never done wheat lashing before.. I've done pickle lashing and miracle whip lashing, but never wheat lashing
riv (1:09:38 AM): Then maybe you shouldn't lash wheat, sir.
g0d (1:10:14 AM): But this is what it clearly says in the manual and therefore is what I should do!
g0d (1:10:24 AM): -Lash- -Lash- -Lash-
g0d (1:10:39 AM): -Lash- -Lash- -Lash-
g0d (1:10:47 AM): There there.. wasn't so bad.. was it?
riv (1:11:53 AM): ...
riv (1:11:54 AM): ;-;
riv (1:11:58 AM): -Cough.-
riv (1:12:00 AM): -Whimper.-
riv (1:12:02 AM): -Sob.-
riv (1:12:04 AM): Oh!
riv (1:12:05 AM): It burns.
riv (1:12:06 AM): ;-;
riv (1:12:11 AM): And smells like bread!
riv (1:12:11 AM): ;-;
g0d (1:13:27 AM): Oh no! you might get a... yeast infection! we must go to the nurse, 15 million needles should fix this right up!
riv (1:16:38 AM): Tentecle nurses, right? :'(
g0d (1:19:04 AM): silly, the tentacles are going to be in the needles! the nurses are all bubbleheads!
riv (1:25:35 AM): ..Do they.. do they have nice boobies?
g0d (1:31:48 AM): Of course, what is a nurse without nice frontal assets?
riv (1:32:06 AM): ..A...-sniff.- Bad one..
g0d (1:33:39 AM): Now! off to the tentacle injecting booby bubbles!
g0d (1:33:48 AM): -278 days later-
g0d (1:34:24 AM): Nurse: so what are your symtoms? dry eyes? headache? ichyness of the gall bladder?
riv (1:34:54 AM): My vagina itches.
g0d (1:36:47 AM): Well, as we always say.. if you have an itch, thou must scratch it.. are you having any particular troubles scratching your itch?
riv (1:39:01 AM): Yes.
g0d (1:41:35 AM): We'll now we'll just fix that right up then! now open wide, and say "peter wants a bite of pickled pepper"

Mindfuck coming your way

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mlp the sim date was FRIKEN AWSOME

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