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Comments (12)

Kinda want to rape you though... I like to dominate >_>

I'ma mistress on chatango with 140 slaves... im much more dominant.. now get on your knees and beg

No no no no!! Chatboxes don't count anymore. Everyone knows that.

its pure roleplay :/, not a chatbox, but the private message section, anywayws, i promise you im more dominante, doubt it, ill gladyly shove a cactus in your ass, make it explode and turn into coins, and then... fuck im ramblign again

You need help. I know a guy meet him at the pier at midnight ( come alone.)

sorry, i only join orgys, not into one on one

Did saw you had a cameo in SKPB. Nice <3

ill probaly have a cameo in each one to follow as well

Your part with the flash ; FH Flash Collab 2011 was the most funny for sure. It actually looked a little like my average ''free'' day. A lot of cyberfucking and talking to random people. Only change drugs with alcohol and you got the same.

thanks, i made my part first too

Hmm......yeah, I can't make sense of this. :\

Well, who told you it was supposed to make sense you octoclocker panspray lube applicator?

Love your new profile picture <3 It is totally like you.

I want you and Airman to coordinate construction of the Mindfuck while I'm busy getting the SD engine to work. Proceed with operation as planned.

fuckhead makes me giggle

thats cute, but dont forget the lunchbox on the way, woah, your gonna miss your flight!, i didnt order pringles this time, i swear it was the plumber, no, he finished his job last month. well, we didnt pay him, so he says he wont leave till we do, no worries i have a bed set out for him and everything, he sleeps in the doghouse. Didnt you know, we ate out dog last month, delicious too. well of course hes still around, but ghost dogs don't need to sleep., look, ill get back to you later.

its okay let it all out

holly FUCK!!!

holly FUCK!!!

must of been pretty amazing for you to say that twice.. what did you find here? a turtle? maybe my giraffe?